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Debbie’s Deli = Quality!

January 18th, 2006

Debbie’s Deli decided to make sandwiches using only the best possible ingredients. They chose wisely.

Worth Finding.

The location is obscure, sandwiched between Shell and Midas on Fry Blvd. Not sure why decent signs and advertising were not put in the budget. It is always amazing when people think they can’t afford to advertise. They can’t afford NOT to. The sandwiches are a bit pricey for this reason: The bread comes from Tucson, as none of our bakeries were deemed worthy. (People – Safeway can hardly count as a bakery; it is a grocery store.) The meat and cheese products are Boar’s Head brand. (A website can be cheesy and high quality at the same time?) While the bust of a pig might detract from your mental impression of tasty I can vouch for every sample and flavor as second to none.

They also have the best Hotdog in town hands down. The huge chunk of meat in that bun is high enough quality that it does not get overpowering.

Yummy choices.

Notice the officer in the picture? If you follow my other reviews you will understand the significance of this: Enforcement personnel typically and regularly visit trusted locations.

The Janette Turkey is wonderful. Most expensive sandwich on the menu, but wait till you taste what the bacon and avocado do to the Mesquite Turkey!

Try Janette Turkey.

I noticed Boar’s Head people invaded Fry’s Grocery. Hope that does not take away any business. Debbies is cheaper on prices so they should stand a fair chance. The only menu item that was not impressive to me was the meatball. Yes, it is big enough to choke a camel, but elsewhere I have had open-faced piping-hot mozzarella-dripping heaven. I would change the formula for the balls, make them smaller and give it more oomph. Recently Debbies have done better at being Smoke free (outside counts too). The city has started giving awards for it.

I love how they posted kid’s report cards to prove this is a family operated business. I can just picture the scene at home: “Young man, if that grade doesn’t pick up any I am going to post your grades right out in public.”


De’Peach Mode

January 18th, 2006

Now I can drink D’Peach Mode while listening to Depeche Mode. Steve found this awesome drink at Trader Joes:

This is too cool.

Target carries Jones brand drinks, which have natural ingredients and a tiny bit of real juice. If i am going to drink a peach flavored beverage, it will be Two Percent water. Asian flavors are not so tongue blasting overwhelming. Subtle still counts for something somewhere. This is exactly the flavor of those incredible konjac gelatin Slurp peaches that americans proved themselves too dumb to eat.

Fave Drink

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My Seven Sorrows

January 18th, 2006

Posted by Rose: I was betrayed by the seductive packaging of the new Gauntlet game, that was my first sorrow.

Nice packaging.



January 18th, 2006

After converting half of the Synthpop cd collection using cdex, (starting at 160 vbr, starting over again at 192 vbr, starting over again using quality=4, since 9 was lowest.. sigh..) I am now starting over using the Ubernet Uberstandards. (30 Minutes per cd.) Now how long before I want to start again using FLAC lossless…

Inside you can feel the difference, outside you can see the difference

inside, stop, inside, difference

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Hakko Rules.

January 18th, 2006

I am totally loving the toilets, Tractors (Komatsu), and now soldering equipment from Japan. My old soldering station offended me for the last time. Since the tip only heated on the side, I was wrapping copper wire and making my own points. Enough is too much. Now I have a process-gate lockout-card enabled real time three temp display Hakko FM-202. Yeah just weep and envy the futuristic booty.

Yellow and Blue are the new black.