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Shameless Site list.

January 19th, 2009

I am building to split the information in several sites and move them back to America from my horrible Indian host (avoid powweb.com unless you are fluent in Parsi or Hindi.)
Soon to be brought into existence: whatacustomer.com, mudstick.com, and cdnerd.com. Fun! (Actually it feels too much like work at this point.)

This is a shameless cross-link so that spiders will quickly find the following sites:
The Sons of the Rio Grande Official Western swing music group page. Apart from the music player, it is straight up plain php.

Check out The evangelism tool has been updated with a better navigation structure. Made image maps without using image maps, flash or javascript. Do they work in other browsers? Did I nail the Indiana Jones feel to it? It is time for content providers to help.

It seems time that this popsynth tired site gets a facelift as well. Now all that remains is to choose a method, brand it, and repost everything. While updating the Where to eat pages, I happened to consider that URLS should also not be changed during the upgrade process. I should have chosen a more stable blogger, no?


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