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Piso (Floor) DDR Pad about 5 Bucks

January 18th, 2009

A brilliant Third-world dance platform idea! Piso Pad (Piso means floor) This is astonishing work! Spend five bucks and use DWI or Stepmania running on a computer with a joystick port (remember those?). I have been envisioning a button made like this with both contacts on the bottom protect the wires. My next pad design will be one solid piece, openable on the fly, and have no moving parts. Nils Reichert sent me a cool page about wiring a USB control box out of a standard LIK-Sang Xbox box. This would be a brilliant replacement as the
EMS Joypad I was using does feel slow and lag. This DDR workshop would have been so fun!

Cheaper it cannot get.

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