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7th? PS2 Repaired.

January 19th, 2009

I have completely lost count of how many of these things I have been through. This is slimline number two. It needed power connector repair. After opening the belly of this cutie, I expected to find such tiny little workings that I would be unable to effect repairs.

While many of the workings are tiny, the power connector (at the purple arrow) is wonderfully open acres! There was already an eighth of an inch of solder, and clearly cracked from all of the drops to the floor.

Solder at the arrow.

This is a masterpiece of simplicity and layout on the little guy. Nice heat sinks. Six main screws hold the cover, and one holds the mainboard together around the controllers. A quick upgrade to a nice bald mound of silver solder and the connection is made! ^__^ Now back to testing DDR.


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