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Apologetix Post-Concert Review

January 19th, 2009

Ok, now we have seen them live. Some strange happenstance brought Apologetix to Sierra Vista from Philadelphia. I still say they owe the original artists an apology. I could not get the real songs out of my head (or throbbing ringing eardrums).

The concert was entertaining, and had nothing to do with the God I know. He was more of a casual mention with that prevalent free-love God approach. (Ask Jesus into your heart and ask him to do what YOU want).
Apologetix tries to send The Message, with one minor command left off “THOU SHALT NOT STEAL”. I did chuckle at a few of the songs.
They need to get apologetic and apologize for borrowing mainstream work.

Piracy Much?


InsideOut – Acapella does a ton of synthpop covers. Top-notch website. If you only get one of their albums to try it should be Innocence. Infosoc, Forever Young, Yaz – Only you. Oh yeah, I will stick with them. (Also not for Godly reasons, I just like the Synthpop done a cappella style)

Piracy Much?


So the bottom line is that I will not support one group for a morality issue, but I will support a Mormon group who I have moral issues with? Can anyone say: Hypocrite.

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