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Are you sick of Mochi posts yet?

January 19th, 2009


Proper. Smooth and sticky.

I was not satisfied with the recipes online that use mochiko sweet rice flour. It just didn’t seem handmade enough – not from-scratch worthy. The hammer attempts (think failures) are outlined in other posts. Here is the success path:

  • Soak about 2-3 rice-cups of sweet white rice overnight.

  • Rinse, drain, and prepare the expanded rice in your rice cooker.

  • The amount of water changes from soaking. I have found that even but not over the rice is perfect for our Zojirushi.

  • Melt 1/4 cup of sugar in the rice’s water before cooking.

  • As soon as the rice is cooked, throw it in a bread machine for punching.

  • Our full bread machine kneading is 30 minutes. (Next time I want to add a couple tbsp of strawberry jam.)

  • The mochi should string way out. No lumps.

You should really have to struggle to get the impeller out.

Do not use cooking spray during the kneading. It somehow causes the rice to not klingon. First attempt ended up as consistent as a bowl of grits. Now pinching off into balls has to be done while the mochi is warm and pliable. This is WAY more challenging than expected. Two methods seem to be effective:

1. Cover your hands, plates, everything with lots of rice starch. I like the dry approach for all of it. I even use spoonfuls of rice/flour and rub sticky things dry for cleanup.

2. Dip your hands in sugar water. A layer of constant water keeps sticking from occurring, and the sugar improves this. Rinsing mochi off of things is nary impossible.

3. Roll into a thick log and cut, or string, fat discs off maybe?

If you are going to fill your mochi, then you want to flatten the balls into discs and put your filling right in the middle. (next time we are doing strawberry halves.) Then fold the disc up around the filling and pinch it closed.

I need more practice with the macro on the camera.

All of this avoids the purchase of a mochi maker machine, but still requires a bread machine and a rice cooker. Also do yourself a favor and clean everything up before it dries into glue-cement.


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