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Bisbee’s Master Chocolatiers

January 30th, 2009

Nested a bit uphill from the main set of shops in Bisbee is a real gem. Gordon and Kim Terpening have brought with them the results of globe trotting in the name of the fine Cacao bean. The super obvious name for the shop “Chocolate” will be easy enough to google. Lots and lots of results!

Chocolate as an art is not cliché in this case. I consider myself a candy expert and it turns out I knew nothing about just how intense and vibrant chocolate can be. Like a well mastered coffee bean, the chocolate must be treated with masterful oversight. We were fortunate to arrive at an off time when we could see individual processes and sample Cacao beans from each region of the world. The rare offering from Madagascar has hints of lingering strawberry and Venezuela seems warm and very mature.

Kim adds the artistic flair to their recipe creations. You will find chocolates of unique shapes that have been masterfully sculpted. You will see ornate edible prints made with the pure cacao butter. You will see the glints of fine edible fairy dust sprinkled on.

You owe it to yourself to seek out this rare talent near Castle Rock in Bisbee and sample. Make it a point to investigate the process and be sure to eat a roasted Cacao bean. We found a need to cleanse our palettes between each regional bean. Bring something to sip and accomplish this. As an added benefit you may not be able to eat Hersheys, Nestle, or any of that plastic stuff made with alkali and soy lecithin again!


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