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Call me Information Update Society

January 19th, 2009

Information Society made good on the Apocryphon CD set. Finally I have solid media for those Napster days collections.

Apocryphon’s insets are full of rare photos and tasty blurbs. The track remastering is clean and crisp as you would expect. Personal fave turns out to be “06 – Xmas At Our House” with suffering, torment, and pain. There are so many more tracks for a collection like this such as the Christmas track where “Santa’s comin'” was all twisted and sounds like we need to hide, or the cover of “One”. How about the 3DO tracks? Can we get them?

I followed rumors of a third Think Tank album as well, even saw track lists online! Were these fanciful fabrication only? Lately I want to know where the samples “It’s the information age, brother” and “Do you know that bad girls go to…?” come from.

I went nuts jumping and screaming when watching the 1995 movie “Death Machine” on some late-night cheese-a-thon and heard the samples from Think Tank – Googelplectic.

Why are all the pages I created about Think Tank, Brother Sun-Sister Moon and Hakatak deleted from Wikipedia?? That will teach me to keep information on a public forum.

Anyhow, the third Think Tank Album can be heard on Amazon:

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