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DM Playing the Angel

January 18th, 2009

The new Depeche Mode cd Playing the Angel is released, they went too far. Track 1 starts with a nice pleasant burglar alarm so you understand the pain mentioned in the lyrics. There are lots of brilliant electronic moments, but they are often drowned by some pitch-bent nerve-grater. Track 6 has these “deep” lyrics like “use the cosmos to feel the microcosm in macrovision..”
Apparently he has not seen the effects of macrovision.

Before DM wanted to avoid making a blasphemous rumor, but now John the Revelator is exactly that.
The best track Precious uses God’s name in a very unflattering way – I may try to edit it out.
The Nine Inch Nails feel of track 8 is interesting. Track 10 starts with a nice pleasant feedback screech. Maybe the producer was using an audiovox walkman? On my quad Cerwin vega 12 inch surround system this is nothing but painful. The CD is a step closer to listenable than Exciter (remember “corniest boys with horniest noise” or whatever?) I like four or five of the songs, yet overall I was hoping for better.

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