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January 19th, 2009

Ok, something is up with our local elections. There are nothing but Ron Paul ads everywhere. You cannot look in any direction without seeing them Kryloned on peoples trucks, sides of barns, holding them with hand painted signs on street corners and such.

Now after elections they claim that he got something like 400 votes in Cochise County. This is just impossible. I have seen that many people with signs in Sierra Vista alone! Also the traditional rural voting stations were closed and people were being sent to other cities farther away to vote. The voting stations had large queues when they closed.

Last night the news reported wrong numbers and errors I think the Ron Paulians are neither Democrat nor Republican so somehow their votes don’t matter. I cry foul! The media is only presenting two choices: a woman and a pro-abortion liberal. Our country has gone mad. The internet wins this election.


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