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Freezepop F3Perfect CD. Perfect?

January 19th, 2009

Ok, after much listening and considering I have decided to update this review. Issues: There is a cuss word on the cover sticker – lovely for my kids who opened the package. Such a bummer to have them totally enjoy the music but be unable to go to any concerts! 21+ = -4 fans. Sigh.

Track one (Less Talk) starts with a nice in-your-face cussword also. Audition editing time to clean it up again. Sigh.

Track two feels rushed. Syllables don’t fit lyrically. The melodic parts and rhythm are fine. Frontload is such a mixture that it represents the entire CD well. Some really neat vocals, especially the male lead. Someone has been practicing. The rest of the track is rather meh. I hate the word “party” when used in music like this it becomes “potty”.

I really enjoyed Thought Balloon. Why are the dreamy vocal songs like tender lies so many leagues above the others?

Brainpower – some kind of throwback to early eighties girl power groups? Mayhaps. My favorite part is the “very same brainpower I mentioned before” not fitting in timing. Very vell done.

STILL NO INSTRUMENTAL! What is the deal? Afterparty almost met this, but then the rush job lyrics kicked in again at half way (and one S word). In my book you can’t call a group synthpop unless they have nearly one instrumental song per CD. Even put them B-side on a single or something.

Musically Do you like boys? is dreamy and smooth.

The rest of the work just comes across as blah or gay. (This is not a rude accusation by the way). I would rather not think about his “wang” even if it is a pun.

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  1. September 3rd, 2015 at 16:16 | #1

    Haha! Check this video out!I grew up in Mexico and this pop band made a cover of this song, I say cover cuz pretty much they cilemad it as their own! 😛

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