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January 19th, 2009

I am VERY impressed with Gangway, an obscure 80’s group from Denmark. Download samples of their songs. Notice through the recordings how the breaks come, and the styles change. It has those witty lyrical fun things I love most from my music.

The first song, Gangway – Mountain Song describes exactly going to a city like Denver or Durango with uppity dining establishments manned with plastic people. They get eight capillion points for leaving in the “Hang on” phrase where he misses the note completely and then giggles about it.

Next is a real shocker; Gangway – My Girl and Me. This marks the first time I have heard a word-for-word scripture including chapter reference in a mainstream song! So-called Christian groups don’t even do that.

Then comes Gangway – Going Away a life-ruining break up song. Very intelligent lyrics, with almost Taco like vocals. “Death beams” and “the house belongs to you” are clever.

Don’t Trust Me is not as catchy, but it has some nice atmospheric stuff.

Come Back As A Dog is light hearted, along the theme of the “I’ll come back to haunt you” idea. Done in brilliant cheeky style.

Sitting in the Park is decent, the rest of the tracks don’t stick with me much. They are included for completeness. You can afford the 150megs and bandwidth.

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