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Information Society are BACK~ish.

January 19th, 2009

There has always been an Information Society hole in the music scene that was never filled satisfactorily. Paul Robb has teamed up with James Cassidy again and two others. New Group Interview. Huzzah and happy day. How will they do without Kurt? Remains to be seen.

Here is a myspace with a new song: Insoc MySpace. It looks like Kurt still holds the http://www.insoc.org/ domain. Informationsociety.com, .net, and .org seem to be held by cheesy squatters. Looks like the new formation of the group has to settle for www.informationsociety.us.

An Happy Thing.

The beats and layers are sweet as ever. In the new songs the lead singer is mostly close to his notes. This is truly a finger-crossing happenstance.

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