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It’s official, Information Society is back!

January 19th, 2009

Photo below = proof on my desk, Information Society’s new CD is out! (At least if you bought it in advance.) Familiar sounds and echoes throughout. All of the pieces fall together well. I want to hug everyone who made this possible, and A Different Drum for distributing! I had to grate my teeth a few times on the new lead male’s notes. Proof that Kurt and James vocals cannot be replaced. Scooping into the notes and a few tone problems seem to clear up as the recording continues to count tracks away from the first few. (I literally cringed at the word “body” pronounced “botty”). The females and chorus parts are really fine! “Run Away” is very Sarina Paris, but in a better way. What a welcome!

Yay and such.

Track one opened a little weak for me, as it was Nick Beat’s “Technodisco” nearly beat for beat for a while. The lyrics are not as story oriented as Insoc used to be. Trip-Hop has made a mark. The Hack/Political Edge is missing from the composition also. The thrill-seekers sample is about it. (and probably public domain by now.) Track 10 starts Goldfrapp – “Strict Machine” exactly. There are tons of moments that are just brilliant. The last three tracks captivated me for every delicious note. Kurt’s Voice on the “Seeds Of Pain” final track is such a welcome addition! This track has some of the same samples used in Hakatak – Googleplectic. This skeptic must admit: Information Society is back! Please purchase what they do so there will be more bargaining power to bring Kurt back in force!

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