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Knew Knight Rider?

January 19th, 2009

I thought for once in a long while I would give another TV show a chance. Every time I peek at the filthy thing I leave disappointed. Last time was Bionic Woman, as a kid I remember she was all about virtue, strength and goodness. So I give the series a tiny peek and sure enough she is sleeping around with the main doctor, then in a toilet, and so is her little sis in some car. Sigh.

Tonight I was entrapped by an interview where they claimed the fun and light hearted nature of the Night Rider show would be carried into the new one. There was a large part of the original show that was about being good and doing good deeds for the world.

Within the first fifteen minutes we have the new “knight” sleeping with several women at once, and the female lead FBI agent having a one night stand with a girl on some beach. Shame on you, Hollywood! And shame on me, too.

Update: Fortunately the series backed away from most of the foulness. Still has a high flirtly factor, but does not make ick and eww.


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