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MAME machine phase one begins.

January 19th, 2009

I had this crazy notion to attempt to build an arcade emulation machine. Ebay here we come, after much shop-happy searching and lots of unrelated purchasing, I found an arcade shell in horrible shape.

Here are the insides.

The guts of the thing need to be completely replaced. I used my power-washer to strip off the layers of black Krylon and found this amazing bit of information:
The machine was originally Spiderman!

Never really liked spiderman anyways.

After much debate over what kind of computer and display system to go with, I am settling on a newegg combo special ASUS A8N mainboard, 2400 AMD, 1 gig low latency memory, and a thermaltake Golden Orb to keep everything quiet. I have a sweet used 21 inch monitor that fits nice and snug. So far the total cost is around 350 smackers. I can’t factor in the cost SATA raid with two 150gig WD RaptorX drives. That would set me back some dough units. Maybe I can justify them by saying they are used by all the computers in the house for storage? (well, not Erica’s computer of course. Hers is the best of the best – with honors) Is this doomed to be one of those uncompleted more expensive than anticipated projects? Time will tell.

This is going to A.rock and B.hurt $$

p.s. Building a SATA raid makes an astonishing performance improvement in a computer. Must be the page file speed. Wow. Note to self: The clear windows on the hard drives is less than a good idea. It sounded killer at the time, but the drives are caved away in the dark. The plastic window parts look flimsy, and the heads move so fast the naked eye cannot see the action.


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