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MAME project update

January 19th, 2009

IF you have any desire to play a NERD simulator (be the fastest one to click all your pencil leads out), or maybe fly a penguin to shoot the aliens? Paper rock scissors? Emulation is the key. The MAME project is very near completion! Yay! The monitor is mounted and sticks out the back so far that I cannot get the rear cover on. Sigh. I measured without calculating how far the screen is recessed in there. Here is the input controller fully wired:

Keywiz interface board

So many times I shout “check this out” and “oh yeah! I remember this game”. The family is weary from it. How did I ever encounter so many of these arcades growing up?

I ended up using most of the Jamma connectors so that it will be easy to quick-disconnect the control panel. I kept reading about cherry switches, turns out the brand of switch is cherry. It is printed right on the side. These Happ buttons are indestructible! I can leave the rugrats and not worry one iota.

The buttons are all ready to go!

A large problem arises when installing the emulation software. It turns out that of the 6000 or so games, one percent of them are adult content! Yikes. It took nearly four days of solid filtering and favorite making to go through them. Never thought I would be sick of playing arcade games.

Another astonishing discovery is the amount of scrolling shooters. I think about 100 or so that I really enjoy. Many are period Japanese with textures and Kanji scrolls. Radiant Silvergun is as beautiful as I had suspected.

Daphne (emulator) is not much help for me. I had a secret longing to play Dragon’s Lair and Space Ace enough times to be able to eventually beat them. They are harder than I remember!


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