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January 19th, 2009

The 6000 games are finally played, and sorted into categories. This is the start of a list of what I consider gems that must be played. It will grow as I have time.

1000 Miglia There is something really fun about racing those old cars. Drifting olde school.
Action Hollywood Simple but well done tile flipper. Choose the movie scene.
Asterix Side Scroll and Viking smosh.
B.C. Story Mini Caveman games. Blow up the dino like a balloon!
Biomechanical Toy Cute platformer. Toys all gone wrong. Simple and smooth controls.
Black Tiger RPG hack and slash platformer, a little hard, but the weapons are sweet for its time.
Blasteroids Balance your ship between armor, speed, and firepower. Try to play this at least to a boss.
Boogie Wings Old-time planes that can hook and carry stuff! This one is really fun. Carry around a Santa or an Elephant.
Brave Blade Top-down shooter with plenty of style. I like the change from jet to mech.
Cotton Side scrolling shooters. Very well drawn! Ride your broom, make a ball and capture baddies.
Crayon Shinchan Minigames. I really like the cartoon style and the goofy voices of the mom and kid.
Cyvern Top down shooter. Any dragon simulator is a good game in my book.
Dimahoo Nice Top-down mixture of fantasy and technology. Dragons with guns!
Dragon Blaze Top Down dragon flyer. Destroy those dragon bugs.
ESP Ra.De. Top Down shooter, ESP gone right, or wrong? Not sure.
Exvania Castle Bomberman spinoff! Dragon bosses and treasures.
Go Go Mile Smile Simply the best anteater sim. Cute.
Grand Cross A pinball top-down shooter? Try it. See how high you can get.
Gunbarich The best pinball/break-out Arkanoidish game of all time!
Guwange A new favorite topdown. This one is classic Japanese scrolling style. Wow.
Hyper Pacman Pac-Man really needed armor and lasers and X-ray vision. Now he’s got it.
I’m Sorry I’m sorry for putting this in. Just look at the Jackson and Executives in leather.
Jumping Pop For the anime Backgrounds, not the game.
Maru Chan De Goo Flatten the dough, might be neat if I could beat the first challenge.
Mosaic Pictures (nice) change and you must order them properly.
Outfoxies Two Players attack in the same level. Whatever it takes to bring the other down.
Pacmania Pac-Man with Nike Jumping shoes and 3d!
Prehistoric Isle 2 Side scroll dino shooter. I enjoy getting the people to hang below the copter!
Photo Y2K Find the differences. Mosaic is prettier.
Princess Clara Daisakusen Cute diagonal platformer.
PuLiRuLa Um, cartoon RPG? What happened to the world. No clue.
Radiant Silvergun Ikaruga’s beautiful 3d little bro. Which of the tons of weapon styles to choose?
Ray Storm 3d Scrolling shooter. Nice future lock-on.
Ribbit Frogger done exactly right! Still die in the water though.
Scud Hammer Paper rock smash the over-animated people? Over-everything!
Search Eye These picturehunts have neat artwork. Never quite matches the shape.
Sel Feena Bombermanish, catch baddies in the box and bash them open.
Super Bishi Bashi This is the perfect nerd simulator! Empty the click pencil.
Shippu Mahou Daisakusen Top scrolling racing fighter? Grab your monkey or fairy and love it.
Sokonuke Taisen Minigames. Lots of neat button pounding to balance stuff.
Sotsugyo Shousho Minigames. Bouncing fun, watch for the Kanji ones though.
Space Invaders 95 Exactly what you would expect the Japanese to do to Space Invaders.
Tetris Plus 2 These are so cute! Tetris with a nice plot and cute upgrade.
Tondemo Crisis Loser simulator. Can you stay alive through each calamity?
Trog Flatformer. Really cute caveman humor in this one.
Vasara Both of these are really well drawn top downs. I love the scrolls and faces of the stronger baddies.
Wild West COW Boys Side Scroller with a western twist. Nice humor and cute.

This list will grow. ^__^


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