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Mochi maker I am not.

January 19th, 2009

The fine Japanese tradition of making mochi is not in my less than capable repertoire. I began by soaking brown sweet rice overnight. Then I guessed on the amount of water to steam it properly. After about 30 minutes of steam time, the pounding stage had arrived. I poured my mass of ouch-hot soft mochi-rice onto a new melamine plate from Target. As soon as the first few mallet blows had flown, the melamine emphasized its desire to deal with the impact by shattering. Better hide that in the trash quick and hope no one can count past seven.

Quick, put these in the trash and put some papers over them.

Fine. No worries. I will attempt to string and slime the sticky ball onto a thicker, softer plastic plate. The blue plastic plate held up to the abuse for about ten minutes, then gave in and cracked. By this point my dough was impossible to move or pound. I would call it the consistency of silly putty. It must be about done?
The pinching into a ball procedure went pretty well. Plenty of rice starch everywhere and on every counter surface and appliance. No Worries, it was about spring cleaning time anyways.

My final product is less than tasty, less than desirable looking, and has too much air and water kneaded in.

I had better stick to purchasing them.

Just because of this, we will have to get a job, then budget to go back to Mikawaya in Little Tokyo for Ice Cream Mochi. Mochi-maker I am not.

p.s. Trader Joes carry Ice Cream Mochi!

This mochi guy knows what I am going through.

More information on the Mochi meal. If you are looking for a mochi machine, Zojirushi does make one: BS-DAC55. It has a mochi impeller. Also Tiger and Panasonic/National (SD-MA18N) have one.


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