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Moenia – Solar sweetness

January 19th, 2009

Moenia’s latest offering of digital dreaminess is awesome. The sound is primarily deconstructed, not as dark, and has a mild case of blippy beat syndrome. The drums and bass lines move at a very steady pace. Hearing female vocals on “Me Equivoque” was a fascinating change.

At one brilliant point Juan bursts into perfect English! “Siempre Igual” is not quite the same meaning as “You can’t expect us to be one.” Oh well, they are the artists words after all. A couple of the layers seem to not have the same time; rhythm is a bit fuzzy in a couple places (like all of “Un Rato”). Now the question is: will they release a US version or will it have evil copycontrol damage so I cannot play it in my car like Stereohits had. Overall this is a fine work. I can’t wait for them to put out something completely in English.

Like it mucho.

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