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Movieland has Resurfaced.

January 19th, 2009

Someone found an obscure Vinyl copy of one of my fave Synthpop groups: Movieland My copy of Postcard to New York seemed to have a higher production value than the mp3 on that site. Maybe his was a demo? If he really has the disc, why are the other songs not available?

Anyhow it has occurred to me why so many people think 128bit mp3s sound like “cd quality”. I have never used low quality built-in speakers like the ones Dell throws in with their bundles until now. With the scratchy rattling cones and no bass a 192 and a 128 almost sound the same. (And I also have a headache from the machine “tin” noise.)

There is another album that was only on Vinyl which I really want to get and extract to digital. Windows – White Door

If you see the submarine, it has resurfaced. If you scrub it with sand paper it is resurfaced?

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