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Multi-Player Co-op Games

January 18th, 2009

Remember sitting with your Atari 2600 and your best friend playing all those wonderful tank games? It was almost unheard of for a game to be only one player. Worst case you could take turns and each player pick up where they left (or died) off. Arcades knew about multiplayer. Gauntlet, Rampage, Blasteroids… so many games that ate my quarters with syrup. Even with the really bad lag of PS2 titles, two player gaming is not completely dead. Titles that run on the beautiful Snowblind Studios engine:

  • Baldurs Gate: Dark Alliance – Rat stomping beholder fun!

  • Baldurs Gate: Dark Alliance 2 – This one is gravy.

  • Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel – Rough in more than three ways. Didn’t like.

  • Champions of Norrath: Realms of Everquest – Smooth icing on chocolate.

  • Champions of Norrath: Return to Arms – The same ising on the same chokolate.

  • The Bards Tale – SINGLE player, just put here for completeness of the snowblind list. Nice Cary Elwes on vocals.

  • Combat Elite: WWII Paratroopers – Development fell apart somewhere. Bad controls.

Cooperative Non-snowblind but two player just the same:

  • Lego Star Wars – Simple and fun 2 Player! Almost every franchise character is playable.

  • Gauntlet: Dark Legacy – Over and over and over just works somehow.

  • Gauntlet: Seven Sorrows – Way too short, a good rental.

  • LOTR: Return of the Kings – I could not get comfortable with the view angle or controls. Most people like it.

  • X-Men Legends – RPG Crawling with a pleasant change of pace, powers, and setting.

  • X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse – Have to finish the first one before I get this.

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