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Mythos is down T__T

January 19th, 2009

I have never experienced a beta that did not move on to a final production. Mythos has shut down their servers. We all gathered in the town hall and had a big fireworks and special powers party on Friday night until midnight. Even then there were beggars. “Give us a rare item.” What are they going to do with it for the last fifteen minutes? The unable to connect message I encounter now breaks my heart.

My gremlin sharpshooter could unload explosive stun rounds for twelve seconds without running out of mana. My giant Cyclops Mage had psycho meteoric fury and waddled like a duck.

Update: Try out the game Fate. The first one, not the Unleashed/Unplugged version with bug stuff. Fate is like a watery Mythos without being able to join anyone. Yeah.. Fun like that. I like to play Fate and fondly pretend it is Mythos.


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