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New laptops with Vista

January 19th, 2009

Needed a powerful laptop to take to Africa for photo storage and presentation. I settled on ASUS G1sn. It was loaded with Vista64 but I figured I could wipe it clean and upgrade to XP. No Drivers! I wanted to list some of the neat features about Vista that make it tempting to keep:


After heavy research and in some cases hacking drivers to make them fit, I have XP running! It is more than twice as fast for some things, and all games run FPS better.

A friend needed a laptop and insisted on XP. I found that Newegg sells XP laptops, but no retail stores do! Walmart has a nice basic Toshiba for a great price, so I figured that they would have drivers out there. No such banana. Same hammering procedure will be needed to get XP running.

Update: The business model is now to charge extra for the option to be “XP compatible.” Toshibas L series actually got off their butts long enough to write XP drivers. No such luck for my Psycho ASUS gaming laptop or any of the Vista Toshibas I have the pleasure of tech supporting constantly. How much would computers cost without operating systems being forced down their throats?


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