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January 19th, 2009

There is no game that shouts out “JAPAN” more than Okami. The brush-stroke methods are wonderful! The whole adventure game is basically a stylistic moving rice-paper painting. I feel like I can make basic Kanji moves in some tiny make-believe way.

As I have been upgrading my moral code, I have found more and more of my actions to be lacking in Godliness. One of these is gaming. I already knew about most of the Japanese gods, Amaterasu and such. All of the characters in Okami are related to the (mostly Shinto) Japanese god mythos. Even the name “Kami” means god.

Does the fact that I am aware of the elevated status of these game sprites somehow entangle me in something I should not be involved in? If I take that argument I would not be able to transfer money as I know what Egyptian gods are embedded in our bills. That is something to ponder while dodging baboon baddies wielding Shakuhachi and and Koto.

Now, where is the order form for Okami II? Sign me up for a PS3 if they make two.


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