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Out to TV from PC?

January 19th, 2009

Since greed has killed our public television stations, we are needing a reason to keep our giant CRT tubes. They do such a good job of presenting 480p at 24 fps. (How is it that these modern lcd tvs claim 120 fps when most movie formats are 24-30 frames per second? They must repeat each frame a few times.)

Is it possible to broadcast video in some form from PC to television cable? I am not currently using the CRT televisions or their cables. Now it looks like the over-air broadcasts like PBS are going the way of the Dodo! The “digital transition” is a joke. The signals cannot carry half as far as they used to and we are too rural.

Is there a device to push FM signals in standard TV format (NTSC?) out TO my televisions? They can sure make a ton of them to receive the signals. I want to make and broadcast safe television for my kids. The formats off the internet are sadly much better signals than I can yank from the air. I have seen IPTV solutions in work environments, I need something not so expensive. Maybe using TVants or some such. This just seems to be a smarter investment than a digital converter box.


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