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Paranoia Upgrade to 2.1

January 19th, 2009

I have moved from the “quit being silly” about spiders category into the “shake every piece of clothing and look in the sheets” category in one bite (actually, two bites). There are some evil spiders out here such as recluses. I used to let them live, but now all spiders have moved into the cricket category. (Kill on sight). Notice the uneven spread of poison and the red soon to be black color?

My flesh looks terrible on film.

What I wanna know is how did he get in my briefs? One bite was on the right cheek, and this one up front at the leg joint. I did the correct procedures, using a sharpie around the perimeter to measure growth. I am very blessed that it didn’t get as bad as those internet pics and stories of bad recluse bites.


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