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Road Trip

January 19th, 2009

Finally back from Josh and Shauna’s wedding. What a long red-eye! After going through two states of Gimmick public roads, it was really refreshing to cross into Arizona again.

New Mexico allowing double trailers is a strange sight. I guess trucks don’t need to back up anymore? Weaving and wandering is close to using the lane. Also New Mexico has these beautiful long straight sections of Interstate. No curves, no bumps… perfect for bumping the speed up a bit, right? Wrong! You get a gimmick lane called “safety corridor” where lights have to be on in the daytime and oh yeah.. Cops get double donut bucks from you for speeding. Nice black angry DPS cars with V2 or better radars abound.

Texas has this stigma about night travel. 65mph on the interstates at night. I guess they want everyone in bed by sundown? Maybe it is to protect the Armadillos? Who knows.. The black troopers in aggressively marked cars are in full force to make sure everyone gets on their hands and knees and crawls at night.

I am so glad to be home! The AZ DPS have nice white helpful looking cars even. Hang on, this one wants me to sign another pink paper. (jk)


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