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Sony Killed Lik-Sang!

January 19th, 2009

I have been put off and disappointed by Sony lately. The last few products I have purchased have not reflected any manner of quality. If you follow this site you will know how many PS2s I have gone through. Years ago I moved to other brands for TV and other electronics. Now I go to Lik-Sang to find a mochi-maker machine, and to my dismay Sony has shut them down. This is a sad day. All of those neat little inter-system adaptors and game enhancement products are no more. In spite of this fatal blow, Lik-Sang manages to still treat their customers with fine support and is closing out any open orders favorably. After being less than impressed with the PS3, I am moving into the Anti-Sony camp. Farewell old friend. R.I.P. Lik-Sang.

Update: I have made some great gaming purchases at Dealextreme.com. I have purchased lasers, PS2 parts, games and other stuff you would get from China anyways. Be advised sometimes things go wrong in shipping or quality control. Risk can be fun.

This face should have tears on its cheeks.


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