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The Race is On!

January 19th, 2009

Ok, the race is on to finish Uber-ripping the CD collection before my contract ends and I have no job. (September 12 is my last day at Lockheed Martin T__T) I have confiscated the kids’ computer, one server, and the MAME machine’s heart (Laptop). All of this to perform three ongoing extractions at once.

On the Home Stretch

The good news is that I can see the ending in sight. I am down to the Japanese stuff which is impossible because I can’t read the titles, and tons of singles which have one or two tracks and are not in the FREEDB.

I am going to get a copy of the Dance Factory Music game for PS2. We need a way to share music discs and step files. More to come.

You may notice that posting is slowing down lately. My heart is convicted that if someone only came here to judge me I would be a totally worldly person. If you think this about me please understand that popsynth.com is a place to vent my worldly interests. I maintain several other sites, including several Godly ones about marriage and church and such. Games, music and food are not my gods. Things will soon change around here.

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