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Youtube Anything Box Video

January 19th, 2009

This is from Waay back when they were almost a hair band and made really incredible music!
Anything Box – Living In Oblivion Video

There is a rumor that a new Abox CD will be made going back to the “roots”. But until then,
where is love and happiness? While you are there might as well watch Art Of Noise – Close To The Edit I have bought DVDs looking for this video and gave up. Another sweet gem of a video Art Of Noise – Beat Box contains the coolest mix of that song. Even though record companies pumped out more re-releases and mix-compilational best-of cds from art of noise, they never managed to get the original Beat Box from cassette to cd. There are by far more third-party releases and best of CDs than original CDs by the artists. Art Of Noise – Dragnet Video Good job of mixing themselves into the film footage.

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