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Ninth! Ps2. Is there a pattern here..

June 30th, 2009

I have found that younger gamers are much harder on systems. Duh! Ps2 number seven has been repaired twice for bad power jack. I just went in and replaced the failing laser with a 7 dollar one from DealExtreme. It worked quite well. In fact I grabbed another used PS2 (number 8) that has the same failing laser problem to keep as a backup for the main ps2.

Ever since the original Playstation was released in white, I have wanted something other than black. To avoid battles over whether I get to play games or just give up to the children I purchased number Nine. It was silver and the picture on the box looked promising. Silver is closer to white.


The price went down, along with the build quality. The plastic is cheaper feeling, none of the cool ribs are built in, and the finish is like a silver krylon spray can job in someone’s greasy garage. It is hard to depress the power button since it is flush with the case material.

After all this hoonanny a pristine PS3 showed up on Craig’slist that was backwards compatible, and in the price range I would be willing to pay! So here are the current stats for my allegiance to Sony:

  • PS1 = 3

  • Pocketstation = 1

  • PS2 = 9 (I only paid for 6)

  • PS3 = 1

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