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Chrome Please.

January 23rd, 2009

Google’s Chrome is digital butter and some fresh apricot preserves on artisan 12-grain bread. My screen realestate is now a wide open meadow, full of stark internet and little else. Pages load quicker than the next simile. (Yes, I know the last two were metaphors.)

Microsoft insults the browser world with every visit:

Use our site quickly? No way.

They wanted to change this message to read, “How dare you use another browser than the Viral one we embedded in your computers? Now go back to your sleepy IE before anyone sees how fast the internet really can be.”

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Casio Phone Attacks MP3s.

January 22nd, 2009

Since I am new to the whole cellular scam (phone) industry, I was not prepared for how hokey cell phones are. I got a Casio Boulder G’z One. It was expensive and sounded rugged. Throw a few folders of music on it, and nothing happens! It turns out that many phones can not recurse directories. I had to dump my naked songs in the root music directory. Then the phone decided my file names were just too long with all that useless info like title and author.

Just look at what it did to my poor filenames:

My poor music

How can we be such a powerful nation and limit ourselves so severely on technology? Please move my player’s marker further into the no-cell-phone camp.

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Popsynth gets hacked (again)

January 20th, 2009

The site was attacked again, this time a Phishing netbank login screen was posted in one of my upload folders. So much for Dynamic content! The IP addresses of the attacker are in New Dehli, India. Suspiciously that is exactly where my horrible hosting service Powweb is located. The day before the attack I had complained to them about the poor service and price hikes.

Powweb has a statement “One plan, One price” of 7.77 monthly on their main page. I had been paying that times seven for the sites I host. This year they decided since selling out to India and outsourcing that a 20 percent price increase was justified. After a horrible email battle the final reply from customer service was this: “We are sorry to inform you that we are unable to honor the rates that we have posted on our website.”

The previous successful hack was in May 2006.


Out to TV from PC?

January 19th, 2009

Since greed has killed our public television stations, we are needing a reason to keep our giant CRT tubes. They do such a good job of presenting 480p at 24 fps. (How is it that these modern lcd tvs claim 120 fps when most movie formats are 24-30 frames per second? They must repeat each frame a few times.)

Is it possible to broadcast video in some form from PC to television cable? I am not currently using the CRT televisions or their cables. Now it looks like the over-air broadcasts like PBS are going the way of the Dodo! The “digital transition” is a joke. The signals cannot carry half as far as they used to and we are too rural.

Is there a device to push FM signals in standard TV format (NTSC?) out TO my televisions? They can sure make a ton of them to receive the signals. I want to make and broadcast safe television for my kids. The formats off the internet are sadly much better signals than I can yank from the air. I have seen IPTV solutions in work environments, I need something not so expensive. Maybe using TVants or some such. This just seems to be a smarter investment than a digital converter box.