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Strangeways Radio

January 10th, 2011

Go immediately and listen to Strangeways Radio. This is what “alternative” was when I was barely filling in my shoes. Almost half of my CD collection matches their library.

Here are some of the songs I was not familiar with yet really appreciated:

Prefab Sprout – Desire As. “I’ve got six things on my mind. You’re not one of them.”

Honeybreath – For When It’s Almost Over. Diary like guitars, good female harmony.

Trembling Blue Stars – Idyllwild. Light female vocals. “Girl whose favorite thing is snow and being alone”

Health – Die Slow (Nastique Remix) Die Slow (Nastique Remix)

Styrofoam – Extra Careful

Cirrus – Boomerang

Curve – Gift

Gary Numan – Dark

Peter Murphy – I’ll Fall With Your Knife

Secession – Love Lies Bleeding

Courteeners – The Opener

Babble – Hold the sky

Ofra Haza – Show Me

Paper route – Carousel

Plastic Bertrand – Ca Plane Pour Moi (This life’s for me)

Ambra Red – ___? Princess

I also frequent Frequence 3 when I want to hear the latest and popular sludge. For example I was sick of Dragonettes “Hello” months before I heard it in the states. I like being able to vote for the eurodance and against the rap!

Both stations share the same curse: you cannot downvote the cheesy Show hour stuff. I want my radio to play actual music!

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The Motion Sick

April 15th, 2009

Another group that nailed the 80’s! Found this on DDRx which also has a Book of Love, a PSB, Alien Six, Fischerspooner, and so many more yummy Synthpop songs. They hail from Boston where Freezepop lives.

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Piso (Floor) DDR Pad about 5 Bucks

January 18th, 2009

A brilliant Third-world dance platform idea! Piso Pad (Piso means floor) This is astonishing work! Spend five bucks and use DWI or Stepmania running on a computer with a joystick port (remember those?). I have been envisioning a button made like this with both contacts on the bottom protect the wires. My next pad design will be one solid piece, openable on the fly, and have no moving parts. Nils Reichert sent me a cool page about wiring a USB control box out of a standard LIK-Sang Xbox box. This would be a brilliant replacement as the
EMS Joypad I was using does feel slow and lag. This DDR workshop would have been so fun!

Cheaper it cannot get.

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