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Ninth! Ps2. Is there a pattern here..

June 30th, 2009

I have found that younger gamers are much harder on systems. Duh! Ps2 number seven has been repaired twice for bad power jack. I just went in and replaced the failing laser with a 7 dollar one from DealExtreme. It worked quite well. In fact I grabbed another used PS2 (number 8) that has the same failing laser problem to keep as a backup for the main ps2.

Ever since the original Playstation was released in white, I have wanted something other than black. To avoid battles over whether I get to play games or just give up to the children I purchased number Nine. It was silver and the picture on the box looked promising. Silver is closer to white.


The price went down, along with the build quality. The plastic is cheaper feeling, none of the cool ribs are built in, and the finish is like a silver krylon spray can job in someone’s greasy garage. It is hard to depress the power button since it is flush with the case material.

After all this hoonanny a pristine PS3 showed up on Craig’slist that was backwards compatible, and in the price range I would be willing to pay! So here are the current stats for my allegiance to Sony:

  • PS1 = 3

  • Pocketstation = 1

  • PS2 = 9 (I only paid for 6)

  • PS3 = 1

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While waiting for Okami 2…

April 21st, 2009

Muramasa: The Demon Blade is likely to come to the states. This Wii game approaches the style and ambience of Okami. For a side-scroller 2D, it is magnificent!


The Motion Sick

April 15th, 2009

Another group that nailed the 80’s! Found this on DDRx which also has a Book of Love, a PSB, Alien Six, Fischerspooner, and so many more yummy Synthpop songs. They hail from Boston where Freezepop lives.

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Physics not just for kiddos.

January 25th, 2009

Two well-crafted physics games have surfaced. Many of the new flash engine type games are based on gravity, inertia, and object linking. Crayon Physics and World of Goo stand out above the rest. I find myself feeling bad for the little squeaky goos when they plummet into the blackness.

Crayon Physics is soothing like nap time at Kindergarten. Experiment with many ways to solve each puzzle.

Crayon Physics

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Mythos is down T__T

January 19th, 2009

I have never experienced a beta that did not move on to a final production. Mythos has shut down their servers. We all gathered in the town hall and had a big fireworks and special powers party on Friday night until midnight. Even then there were beggars. “Give us a rare item.” What are they going to do with it for the last fifteen minutes? The unable to connect message I encounter now breaks my heart.

My gremlin sharpshooter could unload explosive stun rounds for twelve seconds without running out of mana. My giant Cyclops Mage had psycho meteoric fury and waddled like a duck.

Update: Try out the game Fate. The first one, not the Unleashed/Unplugged version with bug stuff. Fate is like a watery Mythos without being able to join anyone. Yeah.. Fun like that. I like to play Fate and fondly pretend it is Mythos.


Um, Ride YOUR music.

January 19th, 2009

Audiosurf. nuff. (helps to forget Frequency and Amplitude first.)

Puzzle Style awesome

Best song-to-rollercoaster so far

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Scorched Earth goes 3D

January 19th, 2009

Remember Scorched Earth? The Shareware tank game with pixel graphics from 15 years ago has been rebuilt by someone in the UK. The controls take a few attempts to get efficient. After that hurdle is tripped over and the camera wrestled, it is actually quite fun. There are usually lots of other players online also.

Almost the good old days.

Since Scorched Earth and One Must Fall have been rebuilt, all that remains is to remake the brilliant Return Fire. And while you are at rebuilding the best games ever, give Lost Vikings a boost!


MAME project update

January 19th, 2009

IF you have any desire to play a NERD simulator (be the fastest one to click all your pencil leads out), or maybe fly a penguin to shoot the aliens? Paper rock scissors? Emulation is the key. The MAME project is very near completion! Yay! The monitor is mounted and sticks out the back so far that I cannot get the rear cover on. Sigh. I measured without calculating how far the screen is recessed in there. Here is the input controller fully wired:

Keywiz interface board

So many times I shout “check this out” and “oh yeah! I remember this game”. The family is weary from it. How did I ever encounter so many of these arcades growing up?

I ended up using most of the Jamma connectors so that it will be easy to quick-disconnect the control panel. I kept reading about cherry switches, turns out the brand of switch is cherry. It is printed right on the side. These Happ buttons are indestructible! I can leave the rugrats and not worry one iota.

The buttons are all ready to go!

A large problem arises when installing the emulation software. It turns out that of the 6000 or so games, one percent of them are adult content! Yikes. It took nearly four days of solid filtering and favorite making to go through them. Never thought I would be sick of playing arcade games.

Another astonishing discovery is the amount of scrolling shooters. I think about 100 or so that I really enjoy. Many are period Japanese with textures and Kanji scrolls. Radiant Silvergun is as beautiful as I had suspected.

Daphne (emulator) is not much help for me. I had a secret longing to play Dragon’s Lair and Space Ace enough times to be able to eventually beat them. They are harder than I remember!


Mames Games

January 19th, 2009

The 6000 games are finally played, and sorted into categories. This is the start of a list of what I consider gems that must be played. It will grow as I have time.

1000 Miglia There is something really fun about racing those old cars. Drifting olde school.
Action Hollywood Simple but well done tile flipper. Choose the movie scene.
Asterix Side Scroll and Viking smosh.
B.C. Story Mini Caveman games. Blow up the dino like a balloon!
Biomechanical Toy Cute platformer. Toys all gone wrong. Simple and smooth controls.
Black Tiger RPG hack and slash platformer, a little hard, but the weapons are sweet for its time.
Blasteroids Balance your ship between armor, speed, and firepower. Try to play this at least to a boss.
Boogie Wings Old-time planes that can hook and carry stuff! This one is really fun. Carry around a Santa or an Elephant.
Brave Blade Top-down shooter with plenty of style. I like the change from jet to mech.
Cotton Side scrolling shooters. Very well drawn! Ride your broom, make a ball and capture baddies.
Crayon Shinchan Minigames. I really like the cartoon style and the goofy voices of the mom and kid.
Cyvern Top down shooter. Any dragon simulator is a good game in my book.
Dimahoo Nice Top-down mixture of fantasy and technology. Dragons with guns!
Dragon Blaze Top Down dragon flyer. Destroy those dragon bugs.
ESP Ra.De. Top Down shooter, ESP gone right, or wrong? Not sure.
Exvania Castle Bomberman spinoff! Dragon bosses and treasures.
Go Go Mile Smile Simply the best anteater sim. Cute.
Grand Cross A pinball top-down shooter? Try it. See how high you can get.
Gunbarich The best pinball/break-out Arkanoidish game of all time!
Guwange A new favorite topdown. This one is classic Japanese scrolling style. Wow.
Hyper Pacman Pac-Man really needed armor and lasers and X-ray vision. Now he’s got it.
I’m Sorry I’m sorry for putting this in. Just look at the Jackson and Executives in leather.
Jumping Pop For the anime Backgrounds, not the game.
Maru Chan De Goo Flatten the dough, might be neat if I could beat the first challenge.
Mosaic Pictures (nice) change and you must order them properly.
Outfoxies Two Players attack in the same level. Whatever it takes to bring the other down.
Pacmania Pac-Man with Nike Jumping shoes and 3d!
Prehistoric Isle 2 Side scroll dino shooter. I enjoy getting the people to hang below the copter!
Photo Y2K Find the differences. Mosaic is prettier.
Princess Clara Daisakusen Cute diagonal platformer.
PuLiRuLa Um, cartoon RPG? What happened to the world. No clue.
Radiant Silvergun Ikaruga’s beautiful 3d little bro. Which of the tons of weapon styles to choose?
Ray Storm 3d Scrolling shooter. Nice future lock-on.
Ribbit Frogger done exactly right! Still die in the water though.
Scud Hammer Paper rock smash the over-animated people? Over-everything!
Search Eye These picturehunts have neat artwork. Never quite matches the shape.
Sel Feena Bombermanish, catch baddies in the box and bash them open.
Super Bishi Bashi This is the perfect nerd simulator! Empty the click pencil.
Shippu Mahou Daisakusen Top scrolling racing fighter? Grab your monkey or fairy and love it.
Sokonuke Taisen Minigames. Lots of neat button pounding to balance stuff.
Sotsugyo Shousho Minigames. Bouncing fun, watch for the Kanji ones though.
Space Invaders 95 Exactly what you would expect the Japanese to do to Space Invaders.
Tetris Plus 2 These are so cute! Tetris with a nice plot and cute upgrade.
Tondemo Crisis Loser simulator. Can you stay alive through each calamity?
Trog Flatformer. Really cute caveman humor in this one.
Vasara Both of these are really well drawn top downs. I love the scrolls and faces of the stronger baddies.
Wild West COW Boys Side Scroller with a western twist. Nice humor and cute.

This list will grow. ^__^


7th? PS2 Repaired.

January 19th, 2009

I have completely lost count of how many of these things I have been through. This is slimline number two. It needed power connector repair. After opening the belly of this cutie, I expected to find such tiny little workings that I would be unable to effect repairs.

While many of the workings are tiny, the power connector (at the purple arrow) is wonderfully open acres! There was already an eighth of an inch of solder, and clearly cracked from all of the drops to the floor.

Solder at the arrow.

This is a masterpiece of simplicity and layout on the little guy. Nice heat sinks. Six main screws hold the cover, and one holds the mainboard together around the controllers. A quick upgrade to a nice bald mound of silver solder and the connection is made! ^__^ Now back to testing DDR.